Interim Management Services

Hire our multilingual, highly-qualified staff for

a set project or time period.


We can break down communication barriers

you may have encountered with international

clients in the past.


No project is too large or small for us to manage.



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Tel:       +31-416-850.730.

E-Fax : +31-84-749-17.97.


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Welcome to  Hollando Trading Consultancy



 Exporting And Promoting Your Product

We are a Dutch international consultancy company based in the Netherlands with branches in Europe and North America.

We specialize in the promotion, export, marketing and distribution of exclusive products.


Let us put your business on the international map.



  International Business Consultancy



We provide advice to businesses ranging from financial forecasts to full-scale business plans, contracts and current trading deals for a range of products.

Banking & Embassy Services

International Banking Advice.


Financial & Investment



 Financial Advice.