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International Business Consultancy



Let us be the first stop in the process towards internationally marketing your product. We can carry out research for you, talk to prospective clients on your behalf, target any bottlenecks which may be hindering your business and we can provide advice on effective strategies. We can put your company on the international map.

Sometimes all you need is another person to listen to your concerns. You ask and we listen.





A checklist of what our consultants can do for your company:




Strategy Development

~ effective time management / projects completed in time

~ planning from start to finish

~ consultation available every step of the way



Market Research


~ researching the possibilities for international trade

~ targeting which geographical areas have the most potential

~ estimating the expected growth potential for a variety of products



Competitors' Analysis


~ assessing how your competitors are performing

~ what your company may be able to learn from their performance

~ pinpointing markets which may be quickly reaching saturation

~ the legislation which affects current trade


Partner Search


~  match you with distributors and manufacturers

~  help obtain the required licenses needed in the countries where you wish to trade

~ network with clients and match them with businesses across the globe