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Contact Information


Tel:       +31-(0)416-850.730.

E-Fax : +31-(0)84-749-17.97.


E-mail : info@hollando.net


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Our Fees


We only charge for the time you need us. To make the most of our services we advise you to prepare a list of questions before you contact us.




  Product evaluation.  A typical first consultation for a product or project evaluation can last from five minutes to an hour. We charge  125 per hour for consultations.


  Marketing.  Strategic market planning, Marketing and sales strategies, second opinions, general marketing consulting and public relations services are 125 per hour.  

Market research is 65 per hour.


  Sales training.  We can design a tailored script which will fit all your telemarketing needs and that will increase your sales immediately.   Quoted on a per Project basis.


  General management and business consulting.  Providing direction and assistance with all new business startup functions management strategies, facility planning and general business consulting is 125 per hour*.


Interim Management. Prices to be mutually agreed.

  Product design and design reviews.  All product design, redesign, advice on specific changes of your product in order to make it more successful and "emergency saves" are 125 per hour


  Graphic design.  Brochures, packaging, logos, technical literature and  services are 75 per hour.  Copy writing is 55 per hour.  Proofreading or copy editing is 45 per hour.


Web Design. Web Design, Web Creations, Animations, Audio, as well as sites in Flash, Html, PHP and JavaScript. We provide our clients with their needs, such as E-Commerce, Web Development and Web Translations, logos. All our designs use state of the art technology.

We can build your sites to fit your needs using different styles and templates.

Prices vary between Price : Eur.350 and 5465 depending on the size of the website and how simple or complicated you want it to be.

Search engine optimization
is the art of catapulting a website to higher positions in all the major search engines. We will optimize the most popular pages on your site.

1 URL submission 24.95 to major search engines.
1 URL Submission - Monthly for 6 months (Save 49.75) 99.95
1 URL Submission - Monthly for 1 year (Save 109.45) 189.95

 Please see http://www.htcdesign.nl for more information about our web design technology.



All travel time to and from a client's facility is billed door to door at the standard hourly rate applicable to those services.
We do not charge per kilometer
Out of pocket costs for travel, lodging and meals are in addition to our hourly rates.
All hourly rates are on a per project basis.

If you want us to attend meetings, with yourself and/or your clients, our standard hourly rate is applicable.